Negotiation Consulting & Commercial Mediation

Negotiation Consulting & Commercial Mediation

Our consulting and mediation services offer world leading insight, strategic planning and support to help you manage your most complex negotiation challenges.

Commercial Mediation:

We have a team of professional negotiators to lead you through your commercial mediation. With experience of advising on complex disputes, securing preferential settlements and navigating the mediation process with a commercial outlook, we are well placed to support you in getting the optimal result.

Negotiation Consulting:

Our highly skilled multi-disciplinary team have led consulting assignments for multi-national companies, Government departments and NGO's around the world delivering efficiencies, increased profit margin and a clear path through the many obstacles that a complex and business critical negotiation can bring. We deliver support from the diagnostic stage to completion and review and can integrate coaching and workshops into any consulting project to ensure organisational sustainability once we exit.

For a confidential conversation and the chance to view some client testimonials please e-mail us at

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I would recommend advantageSPRING to anyone looking to enhance the negotiation performance of it's top team.

Managing Director, Mace Macro

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